About Us


HopLite Entertainment brings a very diverse team together with one common mentality. Like the ancient Greek warriors, our strength is in our unity. We believe that all stories are told better when a collaborative approach is used. Our unique skill sets have allowed us all to have flourishing careers independently. Together, however, we are able to combine those skills into a common seamless train of motion.

Our film division focuses on story first. We take pride in working with many authors, helping them bring their novels to narrative feature film. With a deeply rooted passion for “inspired by” or “based on” stories, we are always looking for gripping tales waiting to be told. Hoplite currently has working relationships with several production entities around the world.

Our current television slate consists of multiple unscripted projects. With many previous successes, our team of show runners and producers continue to explore new ways to showcase real life stories – and, maybe, a few competitions too!




The Team